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Welcome to The New AMD-ICBM.  Beginners guide around the site. How to log in with old and new accounts. A Thank You Note.
This is the first post of many.


Over the years we have grown and evolved  coming up on almost 5 years now (June). During this time we have seen people come and go. Have had ups and lows. Been down and out. However one thing as remained constant, my resolve to pull through and the support I received through out the years from others.

Before I get into showing everyone the new place. I just want to thank everyone who showed patients waiting for the switch over to this site.  It took 7 Days to transfer the data and information over from the old site, a total of around 86 plus man hours. In total it took 1 year & 3 months of development time, of course that wasn’t every day and this version is about the third one from the ground up since the start.
Everything is not complete and your going to see rapid content changes and updates, but everything should be working. The foundation is set to what I hope this site will one day become.


The Bulletin Board, Community Chat,  Personal Activity (Wall)

A Bulletin Board System, or BBS, is an online service. Once logged in, users can read, post, upload and download data, read news and bulletins, and exchange messages with other users.

Here you can share with others, that funny YouTube video you just watched or post about an article you just read.

What is the difference from of the Bulletin Board System and Community Chat areas?

The BBS is essentially for posting cool things around the internet and sharing news about the outside world.

The Community Chat is a forum system to casually talk about what we are doing in the games we play, as a community within the designated area or group set up for it. Much like a micro blog or just a conversation about that new armor you just bought.

Also there is a personal Profile update system to post random thoughts on your own profiles wall known as Personal Activity.


Site-Activity or Personal Activity

Activity Streams are a similar concept to Recent Activity in Facebook.

Members can use activity streams to follow activity site wide, just for their friends, or just for their Community groups, and to track @username mentions of their username.



Friend feature is a similar concept to friends in Facebook.  The friends list feature enables members of the site to connect to each other and create their own list of friends.

To add a member to your friend list all you need to do is click on the Add Friend button, the other member will receive a friend request and they can either accept it or ignore it.

Privacy is set so only mutual friends can see each others profiles. There is no member options to turn privacy settings on or off. This feature is hard coded.


Private Messages

The private messaging feature works like an internal site email similar to the Inbox in Facebook. Each member has their own individual Inbox, Sentbox, and Compose page.
You are notified of new messages by the Notifications tab in the profile bar as well as by email notification (if enabled).


Contact Forms

Ever confused about where to report something or how to join the staff of the community? Well now there are handy forms you can fill out and it will send it straight to the proper people.

There is a Contact Us form for the really generic comments and other stuff that may not go into great detail.

Support/Bug/Report form is for getting help with a problem you are having. May it be reporting a broken link on the site or reporting a member from breaking the rules. Now it is a simple click a way do to so no more wondering how to report something to the leadership.

Join the Staff  are forms for people wanting to be a member of the staff for the guilds or the website. If you want to contribute more than being just a regular member this is how you now start the process.

Join the Guild is for people who are apart of the community through the site and wish to join a guild or group for a game we officially support.



The Calendar is now a different beast. It far more in depth and detailed in giving out the information about events happening within and outside the community. By simply clicking on any event to the side or in the calendar page, will now take you to the that events full detailed information.Where you can comment and talk about it.

It also features the ability to Add or Subscribe to the calendar. Which will auto update your own favorite calendar program, Google, Outlook, iCal ect..  when ever there is a change in an edit or  a new event added.
That’s right, real time updates without even having to visit the site its self now.



Polls on the site are now always now on the right side bar of the site for everyone to see and not buried in the forum posts.



To All Those Of The Old Site or Forum.

Did you register an account before April 9, 2012? If so, we have migrated over your username. All you have to do is sign in with your old forum account name and password. Yes, that’s it, no need to do anything else. Just log in normally as if your using the old forum account.

There is a slight change for those people who had multiple words in their account/username.

BLANK SPACES in User Names are not permitted. If had more than one word in your User Name please use the Hyphen ” – ” to represent the space that would have been there. This keeps the User Name together, but visually separates the words from the old username to carry over.

If your username name had spaces in it ” Bob The Builder ” then your user name would now be ” Bob-The-Builder “. This was required to have the name function correctly.

If you had a Under Score ” _ ” in name before, it has remained as is. So if your old account user name was ” Bob_Builder “, you should still be able to log in the same.

To Those With Memory Loss, How To Reclaim Your Account

If you have forgotten your username or password have no fear. Click on the link to recover the forgotten past via email. Of course this means you will need to check your emails inbox or junk mail folders.

Recover Old Account via Email

If you need help with anything along the way use the Support Form found on top of the site.

Support Staff can change your user name if you no longer want an Under Score ” _ ” or Hyphen ” – ” in your account/username.


Create an Account

Registering for this site is easy, just click on the link Registration and we’ll get a new account set up for you in no time.

All new accounts must use lower case with no spaces for account/user names.



A Thank Big Thank You and Appreciation

If you are down this far. Thank you for taking the time to get to the know the site.
There is far more awesome stuff waiting in the background and being worked on. Even stuff that is done and complete is just waiting to have something be published.

Full colored charts and tables that will help in keeping track of all sorts of information such as prices and economies of games.
Fully decked out Data Tables with their own search and organization buttons.  To find that item you are looking for within seconds.
Picture Galleries and Slide Shows. Pictures are pretty.


Again thank you everyone, if I had never joined Assured Mutual Destruction, I would have never met so many people around the world. I am proud to call some of those people my friends and without them it would have never been worth doing. This site is not for me, it is for you.

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  1. Everything looks great, it’s clear that so much hard work went into this! Thank you. Looking forward to getting into the swing of the new system. I have a long review of a MMORPG to post once I get familiar here.

  2. Labor of love, Leo. Wow. This is fantastic! Thank you. It may seem odd to many, but back when I was trying to find a guild to call “home”, one bullet point on my personal preference checklist was to find a guild with an active website. I wanted a guild home with an out-of-game hangout that allowed me to keep and stay in touch, especially when my schedule kept me away from game or active at odd hours (which is the case far, far more often than I would like!) Long story shorter, the old site was one major reason I was attracted to this guild, and this new site improves upon that in so many ways. The calendaring system alone…(can’t wait to plug it into my calendar!) Anyway, so much more to discover here. Incredible work, Leo. Thank you again!

  3. Site looks impressive Leo.   Thanks for your dedication and effort.

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