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TeamSpeak 3: Connecting to a Server


Connecting With a Server

In the TeamSpeak 3 application, click Connections > Connect

  • The Connect dialog box displays.
  • Enter in the server Address: “”, than the Port: number “”.
  • Enter the your Nickname: it can be anything you like as long as it is 3 characters long, minimum.
  • Finally you need to know the password which can be found in guild announcements in-game or ask a guild member.
  • Click the [Connect] button to join the TS3 server.

The button to the left of your nickname indicates when your microphone is transmitting, brightly lit when you are transmitting and dark when you’re quiet or not transmitting. Furthermore, the TS3 transmitting icon also displays in your computer’s tray.

 You’ve connected. Now what?

While you’re connected to a TeamSpeak 3 voice server, you can do a bunch of things! You can:

  • Set your status as Away or Online
  • Create a channel
  • Change your nickname
  • Set an avatar
  • Set a channel group
  • Mute your microphone / speakers / headphones
  • Send or receive files with your friends using File Transfer
  • Manage whether other users are a friend, a foe, or neutral
  • Record your chat sessions
  • Change your many options


How to Disconnect

  • Once you’re done talking, how to you disconnect?
  • Click Connections > Disconnect from current.


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