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TeamSpeak 2


The Community of Assured Mutual Destruction, no longer supports this Software.



TeamSpeak 2: Step By Step 

f you don’t have TeamSpeak version 2 first you need to visit
Download the Client & Install

Open the menu “Connection” and press “Connect”.

  • Your local address book is still empty but we are going to add a server here. Press your right mouse button in the white left section and click on “Add server”. You can name the server anything you like. After that, the “Label” shows your previous chosen name.
  • Now fill in the server address in the specified field, this may either be an IP address or a FQDN (Fully Qualified Domain Name).
  • The port of the server usually doesn’t need to be filled in. However if the server host is running multiple servers you can specify the port where it needs to connect to behind the server address.
  • After that you can choose a nick in “Nickname”. You are obligated to fill one in unless you checked the “Allow server to assign nickname” box in which case you will get a name like “Guest1″.
  • The server is password protected you need to fill the appropriate one in at the “Password” field. If you are bugged by time-outs (unwanted disconnects from the server) check the “Auto-reconnect” box. (Ask an Officer or Member of ICBM for the Password)
  • If you have registered with the server before you can optionally fill in your username and password. Do not fill in anything if you haven’t registered with the server before!
  • You may even fill in your favorite channel or sub-channel you wish to connect to. Though not recommended.
  • After that hit the “Connect” button at the bottom. If all went well you are now connected to the server. You should see your name with a green light next to it.

Configuring TeamSpeak 

  • Open up “TeamSpeak” > Click on “Settings”
  • Select “Sound Input/Output Settings”

Output Volume
Is how loudly the sound/ your voice from TeamSpeak will be.

  • Then Select push to talk or Voice activation depending on your preference.

Push to Talk
(Keep in mind the Macro/Key Commands already set for Guild Wars if you choose push to talk)

  • Click the set button and then press the key you want to use every time you want to talk.

Voice Activation
You have a meter at which your voice will be picked up, “Whisper & Shout”

  • Put the arrow under “Voice” for best results (This will allow for normal volume in your voice, as if you were speaking to someone in the room
  • Click On “Activate local test mode”
  • Now try talking , the green light comes on when TS registers your voice or a sound.
  • Adjust the “Voice activation level” until your green light turns on when talking and off when your not.

Note: If your “voice activation level” is set to far to whisper your mic will pick up background noise which can be annoying to other people on TS with you.
If you set it to far to “Shout” there will be break up issues with your voice.

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