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Holiday Events

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Dec 102007

Holiday Events Date: Jan 1, 2008 Starting at 12 Noon Pacific Scavenger Hunt, Class Races, Hide & Seek #1 Scavenger Hunt Grand Prize 45k Second Prize 20k Consolation Prize Beat The Guild Leader in Points & get 5k Description: Scavenger Hunt is basically starting Dec, 10th and will end Jan, 1st. The Guild Leader will [...]

New Alliance

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Nov 152007

The Leadership of the Guild as decided to join a new Alliance. We hope this will create new opportunities for us all. We have brought some of the other players from the old CKY Alliance with us. Such as Random Hunter from [Hell], Summer Snow from [CKY] and Morgan Skywolf who was the leader of [...]


Written By Patrick Roche-Sowa of And the hits keep coming. The MMO Report is back once again, and this time with a sweet paisley tie. The knowledge that we are about to drop on you includes new technology that could make an MMO-FPS possible in the near future, Eve Online expanding it’s platform accessability, [...]


Written By Patrick Roche-Sowa of The MMO Report Returns with a vengeance. Fully rezzed and ready to roll, Casey Schreiner will once again pass on his knowledge of all things massive, multiplayer, and well…online. This week we’ll tell you about the exciting update for both Everquest games, what’s been going on with the Warhammer [...]

Aug 312007

Written By Patrick Roche-Sowa of We proudly present The MMO Report Episode 2: The Phantom Freeze-Frame. In this week’s installment ,we tell you where to get your yiff on, how could you win a million dollars by spending even more time playing video games, and why Richard Garriot will never die. Ever. For you [...]


Written By Patrick Roche-Sowa of There are a lot of places on the internet where you can find news about MMOs, but nowhere else is it delivered with such style, such intellect, such facial hair. The MMO Report is here to spoon-feed you all the information you could possibly want, and probably some you [...]

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