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Re-Design The Cape Contest

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May 022008

For the one year anniversary of the guilds formation on June 4th, we will change the guilds cape. To enter the contest simply design your cape with the NPC “Guild Emblemer”, take a screen shot of your design and send it to the guild email “[email protected]”. All entries will be posted on the picture site, [...]

Left [TDDB] Alliance

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Apr 232008

We have left the [TDDB] alliance do to their members showing no respect, maturity or common sense. In other words lack of leadership to run an alliance. With our members getting into a war of words we decided to leave before it got out of hand, in which it sort of did. On a positive [...]

Apr 182008

Though over the past year we have seen many members come and go, most coming back again. On April 17, 2008 was the first time we reached 50 players in the guild. We liked to thank our members for sticking with us for so long. We hope to continue to grow slowly with members we [...]

GvG Weekend

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Apr 102008

The Guild for the first time will be participating in Guild versus Guild matches this weekend. If you wish to be part of the 8 man team, you have to have TeamSpeak up and ready to go, even if you don’t have a mic/ headset. Being able to hear commands and conversation is a great [...]


Lion’s Arch 2 Stone Summit Badges (Albino) 1 Destroyer Cores (Black Bear) 1 Hydra Claw (Trained Devourer/ TD) 1 Enslavement Stone (Caribou) 2 Mountain Troll Tusks (Dune Lizard) 3 Charr Carvings (TD) 2 Hardened Humps (Hog) 2 Saurian Bones (Lynx) 1 Superb Charr Carvings (TD) 2 Intricate Grawl Necklace (Moa Bird) 1 Forgotten Seal (Mountain [...]

Alliance Changes

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Mar 312008

Do To [SM]‘s lack of participation or or even being online we have kicked them, and joined a brand new Alliance. We have a solid membership of players who are very active and talkative. Now that goal as been achieved, the next is to find a solid alliance to help support what we already have [...]

1vs1 Class Wars Tourny

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Mar 222008

The 1 on 1 tourney will start on Monday the 24th at 8pm pacific time(9pm mountain/10pm central/ 11pm eastern/ 12pm atlantic). Prizes will be based on turnout so the more that join the tourney the more prize money to be won. There is no entrance Fee. Players will Battle each level 20 class against each [...]

[ICBM] Forms an Alliance

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Feb 272008

A new Alliance as been formed with The Shelby Mafia [SM] After almost three months of the [ICBM] being on it’s own. This was not done on a random thought, the leaders of [ICBM] have been thinking about this for a month and a half now. We did not mention this to our members because [...]

Jan 312008

Thanks to the efforts of “A Random Hunter” the guild is ranked 49th in Quarterly Best for All Missions in Factions, with a score of 4.000. The guild would like to thank “A Random Hunter” for all his hard work. Challenge Mission Ladder

ScreenShot Time

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Jan 192008

AMD-PICS is a new site for the guild to show off their screen shots or creative expressions. There will be an easy link in the nav bar on both sites for easy access to travel back and forth to each site. You will send us your pictures/other stuff through a guild email that only Leohan [...]

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