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Guild Wars: Reconnecting After Disconnect


The reconnect feature in guild wars allows players to reconnect after a connectivity issue or a computer crash within ten minutes.

Things That Will Prevent a Reconnect

  • Only Error 7, client-crash and computer restart disconnects are supported.
  • You will only have a ten minute window of opportunity to establish a reconnection into the same instanced area.
  • If your Internet Service Provider’s (ISP) Internet Protocol (IP) Wide Area Network (WAN) changes you will be unable to reconnect.
  • Reconnect after disconnects while loading an instance is not supported.
  • Attempting to reconnect during a cut scene will not allow you to reconnect.
  • If a game-update occurs while you are in an instance, you will be unable to reconnect if you restart the client and load the update.

Ways in How to Reconnect

  • Easiest of all when the message “Would you like to attempt to reconnect” comes up press “Yes”. Make sure your internet is back up and running most disconnects are caused by your network going down.

If your internet is running and the game still won’t let you reconnect there are some techniques to help with this frustrating situation.

  • Unplug the ethernet cord from the computer, wait for about 5 seconds, then plug it back into the PC.
  • You can force a reconnect by opening the Task Manager (ctrl-alt-del) and ending the GW process. This will close the game, and you should be able to reconnect afterwards. This is useful for when you encounter serious errors, and you want to disconnect and reconnect with ease.

While disconnected your character will stand completely still as though the player were idle. All maintained enchantments will remain in place. The character can still be killed, healed, degenerate and regenerate while disconnected. All party members see the message “Example Name has lost communication with the server”. After rejoining, all members of your party to receive the message “Example Name has restored communication with the server”. When you return into the game the path on the Mission Map will be cleared upon reconnect.

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