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Guild Wars: Factions



A continent torn asunder.
Two hundred years ago the continent of Cantha was forever changed by the hatred and fury of the traitor brought to justice. Now, In the midst of brutal civil war, the malignant spirit of the traitor Shiro Tagachi has returned to complete the destruction he began.
Strengthen your alliance & fight for Territory.
Form alliances to fight for one of two factions, Kurzicks or Luxons. Large scale alliance battles pit the allies of the one faction against the other to determine the new face of the continent.
In the depths of the petrified forest the Kurzicks make their homes among ornate buildings masterfully crafted from giant stone tress. They believe in gentility, nobility and order.
Where once they traveled the wild waters of the sea are still. Luxons must now traverse the hard expanse of the sea turned to jade. These nomads move as need be required, relying on strength for survival.

Guild Wars Factions was released in 2006 by ArenaNet, the second in the Guild Wars series. Factions introduces the continent of Cantha where two warring factions, the Luxons and the Kurzicks, are locked in a global persistent war. Players are able to join in this conflict, assisting their chosen faction in claiming towns on the game map. Factions has a new PvE campaign, two new professions in addition to the original six, new skills and armor for existing professions, new game play modes for both PvE and PvP, and game play modifications in response to criticism of the earlier Prophecies campaign. Factions can be bought as a stand-alone game or can be added to an existing Prophecies account to produce a merged account with several benefits. Most of the PvP content from Prophecies is available to Factions-only accounts.

Product Information

Game Play Features

  • 4 new distinct regions to explore
  • 50 new locations
  • 2 new professions—Assassin and Ritualist—providing 56 dual-class combinations
  • 300 new skills to unlock and use
  • 20 missions plus 2 exclusive elite missions
  • 100 new monsters
  • Over 200 quests
  • Multiple cooperative and competitive game play modes including all new challenge missions
  • Alliance battles—large-scale PvP battles that allow factions to redraw the borders of the Canthan empire

Key Features

  • No monthly fees—ever!
  • Compelling story and customizable characters set in a stunning world
  • Free global competition with real-world prizes
  • PvP or role playing—you choose the game play style
  • No loot stealing, spawn camping, and endless travel
Developer Arena Net
Publisher NCsoft
Release Date April 28,2006
Platform Windows
Media CD/DvD Package, Download Client, Purchase Online Store
System Requirements Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
Intel or AMD 800 MHz CPU,
256MB RAM, 2GB Hard disk space,
Radeon 8500 or GeForce 3 Series GPU with 32MB of VRAM, DirectX 8
Internet Connection

Box Content

Guild Wars Factions Collector’s Edition

  • 2 game CDs
  • Soundtrack CD
  • Double-sided poster: Map of Cantha and Factions Poster
  • Game Manual
  • Quick Reference Card
  • Art book
  • Desk Calendar
  • Mouse Pad
  • Sticker Set
  • Special In-Game Dance Emote for the Assassin and Ritualist
  • Bonus Music Key

Standard Edition

  • 2 game CDs
  • Game Manual
  • Quick Reference Card
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