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Guild Wars: Eye of the North



Earthquakes reveal a hidden world beneath Tyria, as savage Destroyers erupt from forcing Dwarves and Asura out of their homes. Explore a labyrinthine series of dungeons as you prepare for a final confrontation against these legendary foes. You’ll need all your allies from above and below to win this fight, it is a fight you can not win. You’ve only scratched the surface more than monsters lurk below. Traps, puzzles and secret passages are just a few challenges you’ll face as you battle your way through the perilous tunnels below Tyria.
The battle rages far beneath the ground, will you return to Tyria and face the danger that runs deep.

Guild Wars: Eye of the North, sometimes abbreviated to EotN or GW:EN, is the fourth purchasable installment in the original Guild Wars game and was released August 31st, 2007. It is intended to tie the original Guild Wars storyline with that of new Guild Wars 2. Instead of using a campaign format used by Guild Wars Prophecies,Factions & Nightfall, Eye of the North is a traditional expansion on any of the existing campaigns, rather than a standalone game. Players cannot create characters based on the expansion (there are no tutorial areas), and there are no additional professions. This expansion pack is for experienced players looking for a PvE challenge of exploration, wisdom and skill.

Product Information

Game Play Features

  • 4 new regions to explore, including the continent-sprawling Depths
  • 18 multi-level dungeons rife with traps, puzzles, secret passages, and dangerous foes
  • 150 new skills to unlock and use
  • 10 new Heroes to command from races old and new, including the fierce Norn, the magical Asura, and even a few surprises
  • Over 200 quests
  • Your own personalized Hall of Monuments to preserve your achievements, trophies, and titles across all Guild Wars games, allowing descendants to reap the benefits of your character’s fame in Guild Wars 2
  • 40 new armor sets, including rare, stand-alone pieces

Key Features

  • No monthly fees—ever!
  • Compelling story and customizable characters set in a stunning world
  • Free global competition with real-world prizes
  • PvP or role playing—you choose the game play style
  • No loot stealing, spawn camping, and endless travel
Developer  Arena Net
Publisher NCsoft
Release Date August 31,2007
Platform Windows
Media CD/DvD Package, Download Client, Purchase Online Store
System Requirements Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
Intel or AMD 1 GHz CPU,
512MB RAM, 3GB Hard disk space,
Radeon 8500 or GeForce 3 Series GPU with 64MB of VRAM, DirectX 8
Internet Connection
Full version of any guild wars campaign Required to play
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