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Guild Wars: Keyboard Default Commands/ Controls



0`Chat WindowATurn LeftAlt-LeftShow OthersNum Lock
1Skill 1^ BObserveAlt-RightNum -
2Skill 2_CTarget ClosestApplication/MenuNum .
3Skill 3-DTurn LeftBackspaceReplyNum *
4Skill 4, E Strafe RightBreakNum /
5Skill 5;Target ItemF Target SelfCaps LockNum +
6Skill 6 :G GuildCtrl-LeftShow TargetsNum 0
7Skill 7! All ChatHFaction & TitlesCtrl-RightLanguage ToggleNum 1
8Skill 8?IInventoryCursor DownBack UpNum 2
9.JCursor LeftTurn LeftNum 3
' 'Target SelfKSkills & AttributesCursor RightTurn RightNum 4
F1Weapon Slot 1"LQuest LogCursor UpRunNum 5
F2 Weapon Slot 2(MWorld MapDelNum 6
F3Weapon Slot 3 )NFriendsEndNum 7
F4 Weapon Slot 4[Target PreviousOScore ChartEnterChatNum 8
F5Open Bag 1] Target NextP PartyEscCancel SkillNum 9
F6Open Bag 2{Q Strafe LeftHomeNum Del
F7Open Bag 3 }R Auto RunInsNum Down
F8Open Bag 4@Guild ChatSBack upPage DownNum End
F9Open All Bags*TCalled TargetPage UpNum Home
F10Help/ Wiki/UMission MapPauseNum Ins
F11 Options\Target ClosestVTarget NPCPrtScrScreenshotNum Left
F12 Log Out &WRunScroll LockNum PgDn
  #Party ChatXReverse DirectionSpace BarDefault ActionNum PgUp
 %Alliance ChatYSys RqNum Right
 +ZSystem/WindowsNum Up
 < TabTarget Next/ Previous
  $Trade Chat

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