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Guild Wars: Command Line


Command line arguments are used to change a set of program’s behavior during start up. Guild Wars game client (Gw.exe) supports several arguments that you can use for troubleshooting, convenience, or fun. You can specify these arguments from a command prompt or you can put them into the shortcut that launches the game if you intend to use them all the time.
To set your shortcut to use an argument every time you launch the game, you can right-click on the Guild Wars shortcut and choose “properties.” In the properties window, look for the text box labelled “Target:” with the path to where Guild Wars is installed on your hard drive (e.g. “C:\Program Files\Guild Wars\gw.exe”). Add the necessary parameters after the target path. If the path contains spaces, it may be enclosed in quotation marks. If this is the case, add the parameter after the closing quote.


Command LineDescriptionExample
-bmpThis tells the game to save screenshots in BMP format rather than JPG. Use this tag to maintain maximum image quality in your screenshots. "C:Program FilesGuild Warsgw.exe" -bmp
-characterAutomatically fills the client’s security question field with the specified name, first and last, as entered between the quotation marks. Enables auto-log-in if used in conjunction with -email and -password."C:Program FilesGuild Warsgw.exe" -character xxxx

(the x's are where your character name goes)
-diagLaunches ArenaNet's diagnostic utility that will inspect the computer and write a detailed report into a text file named NetworkDiag.login the directory where the executable file is installed. The report includes some useful information about the system which may be helpful for troubleshooting, especially when contacting ArenaNet support with a technical problem. "C:Program FilesGuild Warsgw.exe" -diag
-dsoundUse the previous Audio engine (Microsoft DirectSound). "C:Program FilesGuild Warsgw.exe" -dsound
-dx8Since the game update on March 23, 2006, the game engine uses DirectX 9 by default. This switch is provided for backward compatibility for users with older graphics cards that do not fully support DirectX 9. Using this switch will force the game to use the older DirectX 8 framework. "C:Program FilesGuild Warsgw.exe" -dx8
-emailThe e-mail you provide with this option will be used in the login screen. Combine this option with the "-password" option for logging in automatically. You can also create different shortcuts for different accounts so you can switch between them without having to re-type the e-mail addresses or passwords. "C:Program FilesGuild Warsgw.exe" -email [email protected]
-fpsUsed to limit the maximum frame rate that the graphics will be rendered for testing or troubleshooting purposes. Note that setting the frame rate for a value higher than what your system is capable of will have no effect. The engine already renders the graphics at the highest frame rate that the computer can handle. "C:Program FilesGuild Warsgw.exe" -fps xx

(xx is a numeric value, 40fps is the optimal rate)
-imageForces the game client to download all known data to gw.dat file.

Important: The program terminates after the update is completed; since Guild Wars will not be able run with this parameter on, make sure to remove it after all the content has been downloaded.

Recommended: Create an additional shortcut on your desktop to Guild Wars that is labeled "Guild Wars Updater" and has this command line switch.

Note: It's also possible to download all files simply by running the Guild Wars program and letting it "sit" on the login screen. You'll see a small lightning bolt near the bottom right corner that indicates downloading is in progress. (Though it will not decompress the files (decompressing makes for even faster first start times).
"C:Program FilesGuild Warsgw.exe" -image
-mceStart the client with Windows Media Center compatibility, switching the game to full screen and restarts Media Center (if available) after the client is closed.

Note: Required for anyone running windows 7 and had launched WMC at some time.
"C:Program FilesGuild Warsgw.exe" -mce
-muteDisables audio output, but still processes audio data internally"C:Program FilesGuild Warsgw.exe" -mute
-noshadersDisables shader support for 3-D rendering. Can be used to improve performance with older graphical boards or for troubleshooting."C:Program FilesGuild Warsgw.exe" -noshaders
-nosoundDisables all sound effects and music competely, so the client no longer processes audio."C:Program FilesGuild Warsgw.exe" -nosound
-nouiDisables the graphical user interface. The effect is the same as pressing CTRL-SHIFT-H within the game, however, if you start the program this way, you will not be able to turn the interface back on until you close the game and start it again without this switch. Since the interface elements will not be shown, you may not be able to login or select a character. This was designed to use Guild Wars as a fancy screensaver. "C:Program FilesGuild Warsgw.exe" -noui
-passwordWhen the game is started with this option, you will not be required to type your password in the login screen. The password you provide here will be used automatically. This password will also be used right after you log off. Combine this option with "-email" parameter for logging in automatically.

Note: account name" option must be checked. This parameter must not be preceded by any other parameter except for email.
"C:Program FilesGuild Warsgw.exe" - password xxxx

(the x's are where your password goes)
-perfUsing this will enable the game to display performance statistics Triangles, frames per second and transfer rate in bytes per second are displayed in white text in the upper-right corner of the Guild Wars window during gameplay."C:Program FilesGuild Warsgw.exe" -perf
-repairAttempts to fix the GW.dat file, in which all update information is stored."C:Program FilesGuild Warsgw.exe" -repair
-sndasioAttempts to use the sound engine with ASIO audio format. "C:Program FilesGuild Warsgw.exe" -sndasio
-sndwinmmAttempts to use the default audio engine Windows Multimedia sound driver.. "C:Program FilesGuild Warsgw.exe" -sndwinmm
-uninstallRemoves Guild Wars from your hard drive."C:Program FilesGuild Warsgw.exe" -unistall
-updateUses the CD/DVD from Guild Wars box to update GW.dat"C:Program FilesGuild Warsgw.exe" -update
-windowedForces Guild Wars to run in window mode"C:Program FilesGuild Warsgw.exe" -windowed
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