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In a Guild Wars 2 Game Status Update it was mentioned that a fan site was hacked. With no mention of to which one. Well today as I was going to put up a advertisement for the community.  This was at the top of the site.
Guru as announced that a hacker as gotten their users information. So change your password…again. This seems to happen a lot.

Security Notice
It has come to our attention that there was a recent attempt to access data stored on the GWG server. The exploit was dealt with quickly, but not before the database had been accessed by an unknown third party. The exploit was injected through our old, out-dated auction software. The security hole has been plugged and we will be looking into ways to make sure this never happens again. [Note: This breach does not affect accounts on GW2G.]

I apologize for this happening and want you to know that we take this very seriously. Thank you to those that reported the issue earlier in the week. I also want to remind everyone to be diligent in your personal online security. Remember to change your password regularly (now would be a good time) and to make sure you don’t use the same login information for your forum and game accounts.


So change your passwords on and any other account you use the same password on.



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  1. I am speaking out, I can not remain silent on this matter. As I had direct involvement with warning them of their breaches, in a email showed exactly what was wrong. On August 29th, 2012, an email was sent by me informing the admin of guru, that they had a java trojan in their code. My anti virus program was blocking it on every page. Within the email I showed the exact code in detail, the hows and why’s.

    On August 30th, the admin informed me there was no such problem and that I was the one infected, not the site as no else as reported anything. Well guess what. I inspected guru today and that piece of HTML & Java script, I pointed out is now gone from Guru. Oops, guess that was worth a second look.

    Why I am talking about a private email, because well I didn’t mind being blown off as a not being taken seriously, fine. Just the fact days later this Security Notice comes up. I would like to just say, I told you so. No matter how childish it is. I took a great deal of care to message the admin about this issue. So to be blown off so easily. I do hope, I helped… eventually.

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