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Guild Wars 2: World vs World


World versus World (also known as WvW) is a Player versus Player game mode where players from three different servers, or worlds, battle in the Mists. It features open-world combat on four large maps with up to several hundreds of players per map. In World versus World, players can besiege structures such as Keeps and Towers with siege weapons, battle over resources, and win rewards for their world.


Getting There

There are two ways to get into WvW:

  • Press B (default) to open WvW statistics, then at the top select which world you wish to enter.
  • Every home city has an Asura gate to Lion’s Arch, where there are other gates leading to the WvW borderlands.



WvW matches take place across four very large maps containing four different types of objectives. Every 15 minutes, the objectives controlled by each world are totalled and added to that world’s cumulative score. The aim of WvW is to achieve a higher war score than the opposing worlds by the end of a week of battle. The following table shows the types of objectives, their distribution on the maps, and how many points each of them is worth.

Resource camps
(5 points)
(10 points)
(25 points)
Stonemist Castle
(35 points)
Green Borderlands (1st) 6 4 3 0
Blue Borderlands (2nd) 6 4 3 0
Red Borderlands (3rd) 6 4 3 0
Eternal Battlegrounds 6 12 3 1

For example, if a world owns six resource camps (30 points), eight towers (80 points) and four keeps (100 points), 210 points will be added to their war score every 15 minutes. At the beginning of each one-week battle, many of these objectives are neutral and must be captured.


Once an objective has been captured, guards spawn to assist with defense. While these NPCs are capable of holding out against small strike teams (especially upgraded), their main purpose is to buy time and assist allied players.[2]


Sentries are solitary Veteran Guards in World versus World assigned to defending minor capture points. Sentries serve as objectives for one to two players.

Mercenary Camps Eternal Battleground

Each battleground includes neutral NPCs that can be recruited to your world’s side by completing a dynamic event to earn their loyalty. For example, saving Orgath Uplands from hostile harpies will result in Ogres joining your cause, thus attacking and reinforcing structures.

Mercenary Camps Borderlands

Giving 15 Giant Pearls, which can be found deep in the lakes, to the quaggan villagers, or defeating enemy creatures, recruits one of three quaggan villages. The Quaggan will send a pack of guards to a nearby structure.



Depending on the type of objective, there are a number of obstacles that must be overcome before it can be captured. The following table lists the defenses that each objective type possesses:

Resource camp Tower Keep Stonemist Castle
Guards Yes Yes Yes Yes
Walls/Door No Yes Yes Yes
Lord No Yes Yes Yes
Inner walls No No Yes Yes

To capture a structure, the structures Lord has to be defeated. The Lord is at the center of the structure, in case of Towers and Keeps, inside the walls. In these cases, the only way to attack the Lord is to bring down the walls or gates first. Mesmers can portal players past walls, but there has to be a breach for the mesmer to enter in the first place.

After defeating the Lord of the structure, a capture circle will appear. Alive or downed enemy players (that are not invulnerable nor invisible) or NPCs inside the capture circle prevent capping.

Siege Weapons

Siege weapons are environmental weapons that can be built to accomplish a particular purpose. For instance, arrow carts and cannons are very effective against clustered enemies, ballista at destroying enemy siege equipment, and trebuchets for breaking down doors and walls.

Player damage is severely limited against doors, and zero against walls. Therefore siege weapons are an integral part of capturing a walled objective.

To create a siege weapon, a player must use a blueprint purchased from a siegemaster to create a build site. Construction is performed by spending supply at that site and once construction is completed, the siege weapon can be used. Blueprints may also be obtained through jumping puzzles, WvW map completion or as a rare loot drop.

While manning a siege weapon is based on a “first come, first serve” basis, the player who put down the blueprint can always man the siege, even if another player is already manning it. In this case, the non-owning player is removed from the siege weapon. Golems are the only exception to this.

The following siege weapons are available:

  • Arrow Cart: fires a volley of arrows, dealing significant damage to players but weak against structures.
  • Ballista: fires a giant bolt, dealing heavy damage to siege equipment and players in its path.
  • Catapult: great for dealing with walls, gates, and clustered enemies.
  • Flame Ram: rams gates at close range, dealing heavy damage.
  • Siege golem: slow and short ranged but capable of dealing immense damage to structures.
  • Trebuchet: long-ranged rock thrower capable of dealing significant damage to players and structures.

Additional siege weapons can be acquired through Structural Upgrades for defending against assaults. These siege weapons do not require blueprints. Defensive siege weapons are:

  • Cannons
  • Mortars
  • Burning Oil

With the exception of the siege golem, all siege weapons are stationary and cannot be moved.

Siege Weapons Despawning

Siege weapons which are not used, and siege weapon build sites which are not built, despawn after a while. Unbuilt siege sites that are placed by players will go away if someone does not bring supply to them within 10 minutes. Anyone that adds supply to a site should reset that timer. Completed siege weapons will despawn if they haven’t been manned for 30 minutes.

Siege Weapon Map Limit

There are two basic hard limits to siege placement.

There is a limit to how many siege weapons can be placed within a certain radius of each other. 5 weapons (sites or completed weapons) can be set within any 1000 unit radius. If players try to place a new site somewhere within a radius that already has hit it’s limit, the placement will fail but the player should retain the weapon bundle in their hands.

There is also a hard limit to how many weapons can be placed on the map. This map limit is explained by Mike Ferguson of ANet as “basically anything that is not a ram counts towards one ‘limit’ for the purpose of this explanation and each team can have up to 100 of these types of weapons out at any time per map. Each team can also have up to 100 rams placed on a map.”


Spawn Points

Spawn points are waypoints on each of the battlegrounds. There are two types of spawn points; those which provide permanent access and those within objectives.

Each World versus World map includes three permanent waypoints, one for each team, to allow basic access to the map regardless of which team is dominating. These waypoints cannot be used by other worlds and are housed in structures protected by Legendary Defenders. Each spawn point includes a set of NPCs where players may repair their armor, sell loot or buy blueprints. There are also several paths out of a spawn location.

Other waypoints are within objectives and can be added through Structural Upgrades. These waypoints are to provide fast travel, thus allowing easier access across the map. A waypoint cannot be used if the objective it is housed in is under attack.


Enemy Players

Killing an enemy player in WvW will result in experience and loot. Loot often includes Badges of Honor but is otherwise randomly generated; the defeated player does not actually lose anything through being defeated, but they still take durability damage as with any other death. Killing other players also contributes to a players monthly achievement goals. As a result, combat will usually occur when attacking or defending an objective.

The names of players from other worlds are not shown. Instead, they appear as “<world> Invader” or “<world> Defender”. For instance, a player from the Darkhaven world inside a different world’s land will be called simply “Darkhaven Invader”. Guild tags are still shown, appended to their name.



Supply is a special resource in WvW used for the following:

  • Constructing siege weapons.
  • Repairing the doors and walls of towers, keeps and Stonemist Castle.
  • Purchasing Objective Upgrades from a Quartermaster.

Each tower, keep and castle has a stockpile of supply that is replenished by supply caravans delivering from resource camps. Stockpiled supply can be collected by players, each of whom may carry a maximum of 10 units (15 through Art of War). Supplies do not show up in your inventory, but you can see the number of supplies you carry at the top of your screen in WvWvW.

A stockpile of supply will allow defenders to keep their doors and walls repaired or to place defensive siege weapons. Similarily, attackers need supply to construct their offensive siege weapons. Supply is therefore the basic resource around which WvW revolves.


Guild Claiming

Whenever an objective is captured, any guild may claim it. A claimed objective will display its guild’s banner and benefit from any Art of War Upgrades. Guilds can claim only one objective per map. A guild cannot claim an objective as long as the respective guild claiming NPC is under the effects of Righteous Indignation that lasts longer than 1 minute.



When a team owns no defensible objectives (Tower, Keep, Castle) on a map for a full tick, it will be offered a breakout event. The events are started by champion-grade charr NPCs with the surnames of Siegecrusher or Siegerazer located near the spawn point. After ten players gather near them, everyone will receive 10 supply and they will then proceed to the nearest tower. Once there, a pair of capture zones appear. If the attacking team can hold these for a short duration, the NPC places partially-built arrow carts, ballista, and catapults in the area, each with a protective bubble that protects them and allies inside from damage for two minutes. Once the gate is down, the NPC will join in the charge to capture the tower. A supply dolyak also joins the event, and should it survive until the tower is captured, it will add 100 supply to the tower.

Starting a breakout event towards a structure that is already owned (e.g. when the players take the structure first, without using the breakout event), causes the NPC to walk towards the tower Once there, no capture zones will appear, the NPC will simply add supply to the already owned tower.



Power of the Mists is awarded to players in PvE and WvW based on the war score of their home world. It includes bonuses to health, gathering and crafting among others. A player will receive the bonuses of their home world even when guesting on other worlds.


Matching of Worlds

Worlds in WvW are matched up based on their ranking using a modified Glicko rating, so that high-ranked worlds will battle other high-ranked worlds, and low-ranked worlds will battle other low-ranked worlds. This attempts to ensure that every world has a fair chance of winning matches despite differing levels of player participation or skill.

Each matching (or tier) contains 3 worlds. Within each tier, the highest ranked world will play as green, the second highest ranked world as blue and the third highest ranked world as red.


Jumping Puzzles

Each map contains a jumping puzzle; the Mistwrought Vault in the north-west of each borderlands, and the Obsidian Sanctum in the eternal battlegrounds, accessible from each keep. At the end of each of the four puzzles is a chest that rewards some equipment, siege blueprints and badges of honour, as well as the associated achievement from completing it. They are also notably difficult to complete because they are shared across the competing worlds, forcing players to encounter others while trying to navigate through the puzzle.


Weekly WvW Reset

WvW matches end every week on Friday at 23:59 UTC (3:59 PM PST).

At reset players will see a dialog that shows the end score and it states at which position your server is. After a short while they will receive a warning in yellow text that states reset is in motion and they will be sent to Lion’s Arch. Approximately 15-20 minutes later, players will be able to enter WvW again.

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