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Guild Wars 2: World Boss


Shadow Behemoth

The Shadow Behemoth is a gargantuan nightmare creature from the Underworld who breaks into the world of Tyria through the Godslost Swamp in Queensdale, near the sunken Temple of Ages. In combat, it notably creates portals to the Underworld that summon shades and aatxes. Killing it is the final objective of the Secrets in the Swamp meta event and a Demonic Chest spawns upon its death.




Secrets in the Swamp

Combat abilities

  • Annihilation – Spawns three large area of effect fields that pulse every second, dealing damage.
  • Chaos Rift – Point-blank area of effect that appears as purple mist around the base of the Shadow Behemoth, dealing damage over time to enemies standing within it.
  • Undead Breath – The Shadow Behemoth slams its claws down, dealing damage and knocking back in an area of effect.
  • The Shadow Behemoth roars, summoning thirteen Portals to the Underworld and becoming untargetable. When the portals are destroyed, it uses the Shadow Barrage attack and becomes targetable again after a few seconds.
  • Shadow Barrage – Missiles fly out and explode, dealing damage and knocking down in an area of effect.
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