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Guild Wars 2: Linking Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2


You can choose to link your Guild Wars 2 purchase to your original Guild Wars account during Guild Wars 2 registration.


You can also choose to link your original Guild Wars account to your Guild Wars 2 account after registration.

Please note: Once you link a Guild Wars account to Guild Wars 2, you cannot unlink them. Choose wisely and type carefully!

  1. Sign in to your Guild Wars 2 account at
  2. Click Link Accounts on the left-hand side.
  3. Enter your original Guild Wars account name and password exactly as you would if you were logging in.
  4. Click the Link Account button.
  5. Click OK.


If you receive a message stating that “A server error has been encountered…,” please make sure that you entered the correct account name and password for the original Guild Wars account. If the message persists, you will need to contact support directly with the following information:

  • Your 25-digit Guild Wars 2 serial code
  • Your original Guild Wars account name


It’s possible that you may be asked to verify additional account information before your issue can be resolved.

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