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Guild Wars 2: Structured PvP


Structured PvP is a Player versus Player mode which allows competition on an even footing. All Structured PvP activities are reachable via the Heart of the Mists. There are two primary modes of play; tournament and hot join play.

Any character used to enter structured PvP retains their profession, however any race specific skills are not accessible. The character is given a fixed maximum level, and all skills and items are available without the need to unlock them first. Scores are tracked on the scoreboard. Player statistics are tracked and used to generate a player ranking.

Unlike WvW, structured PvP doesn’t grant rewards usable in PvE (with an exception of bags and dyes that are shared between PvP and PvE on a character). Instead, players earn glory and rank which are used to obtain differently looking gear for use only in structured PvP.

There are several different maps for structured PvP, all of which are conquest, although other objective types are planned for the future.

The sPvP servers are not tied to a specific world. From the lobby you can actually get teamed up with or against players from other worlds.

Structured PvP uses items that are not useable in PvE or WvW.


Hot Join Play

Hot join play uses a game selection system similar to many first-person shooter games which allows individuals or groups to join a game based on map, available space, and other settings. It has variable team sizes which can be different per server so might be one versus one, five versus five or ten versus ten.

Games can be joined by finding the PvP Browser NPC by going through the Heart of the Mists and then to the Hall of Memories. The WvW Asura gate hub in Lion’s Arch has a gate that leads to the Heart of the Mists. The PvP Browser NPC will show a list of current games or allow you to create a new one.

It was mentioned in an interview that players will be able to join the same server regularly, forming groups of players that frequently play together.

Players are matched based on a similar amount of total glory earned.

Game Modes



  • Battle of Kyhlo
  • Brand
  • Forest of Niflhel
  • Legacy of the Foefire
  • Raid on the Capricorn
  • Temple of the Silent Storm


The PvP reward system has a two-tier reward structure that involves glory and rank.

Glory is a currency that players can spend on reward chests filled with random loot, while rank is a measurement of your total accumulated glory. As your rank increases, you unlock new tiers of reward chests, and thus access to more impressive looking equipment.

All PvP rewards are account bound, and can be stored in a collection in your PvP Locker. This means that even if you obtain items which your current character cannot equip, you can store it for later use.

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