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This contact form is for people who want to do more than read what is on the site or be just a regular member of the community. If you would like to contribute to the community in some way. Here is the place to let the current staff know you are interested in joining the team.

Note: All jobs are on a volunteer basis, until stated other wise. Assured Mutual Destruction does not have employees, with an income.This is all for casual fun and making others happy.

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Just tell us a little about yourself. Could be anything age, gender, that one time you ate an apple. Whatever you want. - REQUIRED FIELD
What do you consider your strength and assets, which you could bring to the team?
What experience do you have with this sort of job. Previous experiance NOT needed, we would just like to know if you have any from your past.

This field is not required, just gives us a general idea.

This field is not required, just gives us a general idea.
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