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AMD-ICBM: Network Outages - September 1st 2014

On September 1st, 2014 the AMD-ICBm services went down at 3am EDT, and did not recover until a full 12 hours later at around 3pm EDT. For such a long outage, wish to explain the situation, of how and why this was caused.

AMD-ICBM: Network Issues - On Going and What's Being Done About it

Expert taken out of article;

If I don’t like numbers why I am saying all this then?
Well I would just to ask for your patience a little bit longer, while I get the money together to order the new modem. Which will hopefully stop these frequent interruptions in the AMD-ICBM services.

AMD-ICBM: New Feature - Headlines

Today we are debuting a brand new feature to the website. We named it Headlines, this new section of the site is to let people know all the important things they need to be aware of. We find people will visit the site once a week, or even once month and will miss a lot of the news or information they should have read about the games, and what is going on in the community.

AMD-ICBM: Recruitment Resources

Recruiting is not just a job for an officer to do. Depending on just one person to get more people to play with is not healthy for a community. Take an active part in the process of making potential new friends for you and everyone else by being mindful. All players in Guild Wars 2 can join multiples of up to 4. Just because they have a guild tag does not mean they can not be approached with an open invitation to the guild if they wish at any time to try us out.

AMD-ICBM: Website Updates – September 14-16, 2012

Here’s a few things that were implemented last weekend to improve things around the site.

Fixed – loading errors of the script that would limit functionality of the website, such as drop down menus and featured content.

AMD-ICBM: Website Updates - August 1-17, 2012

Bulletin Board System (BBS)

Fixed – Links and Clicking issues. I swear to you, can click on a BBS topic, the browser will send you there and can read it now. No more error 500.

AMD-ICBM: Website Updates July 15 -19, 2012


Full Update – with good portion of the code completely re-written. Fixing most of the left over issues and bugs. I have made it look as close as possible to the the way, the older one looked. Faster response time and a more enjoyable experience with the interface of the calendar is the goal.


Bulletin Board System Fixed – A cache issue with slow loading of the BBS topics. All browsers should receive the new files to properly load the BBS correctly and automatically by just visiting the site. If the BBS does not load fast for you still, clear your browsers cache and try again. If the BBS [...]

AMD-ICBM: Website Updates -  June to July 11, 2012

Here’s a few things that have been known issues with the site and have been fixed through out the last 2 months.

AMD-ICBM: Website Updates – Members Requests Added - May 17, 2012

Updates – May 17, 2012

Some of these updates were requested by members so were put to number one priority on the list of things to do.

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