Community Resources: Things that are going on in the guilds, current contests and events, ect… will be put here.


The Weekly title event is the “Vanguard Reputation Title” this week. We will be spending time in game this week doing dungeons books and Vanquishing.


This weeks title hunt will be for the Guardian of Tyria. We have plenty of characters that can help out with any mission for who needs to do any Prophecies mission in Hard Mode.


This weeks title hunt event is for the Norn Reputation title track. I’m sure we will be doing Vanquishes in Norn territories along with filling mission and dungeon books.


This weeks title hunt is Tyrian Skill Hunter. Get your cap signets ready so we can tear through Prophecies in groups and kill bosses for their elite skills and maybe some green weapons.


Do to the Guild Wars 5th Birthday Party and all the new things going on that slowed down the title hunting progress we will be extending Sunspear Title Track for this week.


This weeks title event is the “Sunspear Title Track”. We will be doing Vanquishing around Sunspear Sanctuary and the Istan Island with our character to start or finish off the title. We will also be doing some missions that gain Sunspear points and to fill out those “Nightfalls” books at the same time.


Well just  two weeks ago the title event was Protector of Elona which leads nicely into this weeks title event which is Guardian of Elona.  We will be taking our characters through  Nightfall again to get masters in all missions that  need to be completed in Hard Mode.


CALLING ALL LUXONS!!!! This weeks title is the Luxon Allegiance Title. The Guild will be going into Luxon area’s to Vanquish, Luxon Challenge Missions and trying to Jade Quarry sync grouping. The goal of this week is not only getting together and gaining points in a title but, to get ONE MILLION FACTION! (you don’t [...]


Strap on that Sunspear armor and get ready to travel to the land of the sun because this week we go for the Protector of Elona title. This title involves completing the missions and there bonus criteria in Nightfall. So get ready of a full 7 days of actively working towards Normal Mode Missions.


This weeks event should be everyone’s favorite, because we all know we love to gain Kurzick faction. Yep this weeks event is the Kurzick Allegiance title. Now before anyone goes and jumps off a cliff remember that things to do in game for this title are Vanquishes in Kurzick territory or filling Shiro’s book along [...]

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