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AMD-ICBM: Guild Wars 2 - Roster Support on Hiatus

Guild Events/ Guild Missions will no longer be done for ICBM’s GW2 guild. Support for the game is going on hiatus until the new year. With the recent, lack of activity in the roster and holidays coming up, we are going to be more relaxed as we regroup to continue the community presence online.


Assured Mutual Destruction is PC gaming community, and we will continue to be a community.

AMD-ICBM: 7th Anniversary - Guild Wars 2 - Party

Hey Everyone!

Here are the full official details about our party! Including events, how to play, rules and prizes. The time table is also here so you can see the schedule.

This as been months in the making. We hope this party will be the best one we have ever done so far.

AMD-ICBM: Network Issues - On Going and What's Being Done About it

Expert taken out of article;

If I don’t like numbers why I am saying all this then?
Well I would just to ask for your patience a little bit longer, while I get the money together to order the new modem. Which will hopefully stop these frequent interruptions in the AMD-ICBM services.

AMD-ICBM: Server Maintenance

Server maintenance, March 6th, 2014.

The servers will be shut down to upgrade and do some cleaning, while updating software and adding new batteries to the Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS).

This downtime will affect the website and voice services.
The amount of time down should be no more than an 1 hour from 5:00pm CST.

AMD-ICBM: Steam - Come Join us on the Steam Guild!

As of February 22, 2014 Assured Mutual Destruction is giving official support and assets in the PC program known as Steam.

The Steam guild is getting the full support of the community infrastructure, just like our Guild Wars and guild Wars 2 guilds. With News Articles, Bulletin Board System, Guild Chat/Groups, Staff Forum, Calendar.

AMD-ICBM: Thanksgiving GW2 Emblem Contest - Winner

The winner of the Thanksgiving Emblem Contest for 2013 is dragonwarrior.

1st: dragonwarrior
2nd: Tikal
3rd: dragonwarrior

1st Place: 10 gold (Thanksgiving) – Emblem is used for the weekend/party.
2nd Place: 5 gold

AMD-ICBM: The Absence of Administration in October and Moving Forward

Hello, Leohan here.
I am writing in the public space about the long absence of the website being updated, guild leadership or projects moving forward. I feel with 3 weeks away from the community going on 4 now, this needs to be said for members and the casual readers who like to come to the site for information.

AMD-ICBM: Guild Vault - Spring Cleaning

The guild vault in Guild Wars 2 is getting a little full and it is time to do some spring cleaning. The items that hold little value or no one ever buys will be heading to the trading post, where we will get some gold out of them. This gold will then be returned to the vault so we can use it for other things like influence and restocking popular items.

Spring Cleaning will begin in a few days so if you would like to grab anything in the vault be sure to contact your banker for the items.

AMD-ICBM: The Motherboard and the Windows Syndrome

Hey everyone!

First, I apologies for missing the guild event for Tuesday dungeon no matter what goes on I try to be there for the official events operated by me. However I could not get the computer ready and online fast enough.

AMD-ICBM: Using the Donated Gold in Bank to Purchase Influence

Back in March we had a donation drive where members donated influence and gold towards the Guild Wars 2 guild for the soul intention to unlock Guild Missions to be able to participate in them. This announcement is provide full disclosure as to where 35 gold is going towards, to unlock Guild Treks. This will be done on May 2nd, 2013. As I think it would be wise to wait for Anet’s big April 30th update to pass by first, these end of the month updates are not known for there smoothness. Many errors and bugs may occur, including the influence disappearing or the build queue reset. There is an update directly effecting Guild Treks its self and who knows what would happen in the middle of the unlocking it.

We will be having Guild Mission: Guild Trek events in May, along side Bounties.

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