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AMD-ICBM: 7th Anniversary - Guild Wars 2 Emblem Contest - Voting/ Polls

It’s time to vote. That is right, the people of the Guild Wars 2 roster and the community of Assured Mutual Destruction is going to decide what represents them on the battlefield of Tyria.

The winning emblem of this vote will be the Emblem we wear in Guild Wars 2, until the next anniversary.
So vote for yourself, or vote for others, vote for the chance to have a giant tattoo across your chest.

AMD-ICBM: Emblem Contests –  2014 Birthday Party/ 7th Anniversary (Guild Wars 2)

We are coming up on the 7th Anniversary of the community, first forming within the game of Guild Wars, June 4th, 2007.
We are going to try and make this one big, after all 7 is a lucky number! Why not make everyone lucky by giving out tons of prize!?

So if you want to make a little extra gold in Guild Wars 2, be sure to take 10 minutes out of your day and design an emblem to be worn, by your guild mates.

Emblem Entries still on going until.

July 14th – Emblem Contest entries ends.
July 14th – Emblem Contest voting Begins.

This is due to delays on getting the party event done.

AMD-ICBM: Halloween 2013 – Costume Contest - Winners

We had a Halloween Costume contest this year in Guild Wars 2. We had a contest in game and on our website for those who could not make it on the day of the Halloween Party.
Everyone got their prizes, but I never got around to making the follow up article. So here it is after spending months in the drafts section, waiting to have pictures added to it.

AMD-ICBM: GW2 Emblem Contests - Wintersday 2013 - Voting

Voting to see who the community thinks made the best Wintersday emblem for our Guild Wars 2 guild as begun. Be sure to vote as the winner’s emblem will be worn on our chest within the game. Not to mention there is some gold to be given out.

Voting starts December 20, 2013
Voting ends December 23, 2013

AMD-ICBM: Emblem Contests - GW2 Wintersday (Christmas)

Yes again another emblem contest, just in time for the season. I know we have been rapid firing these off, one after the other. That just means more chances to win gold.

So if you want to make a little extra gold in Guild Wars 2, be sure to take 10 minutes out of your day and design an emblem to be worn, by your guild mates.


Starts: December 8th, 2013
Ends: December 19th, 2013

AMD-ICBM: Thanksgiving GW2 Emblem Contest - Winner

The winner of the Thanksgiving Emblem Contest for 2013 is dragonwarrior.

1st: dragonwarrior
2nd: Tikal
3rd: dragonwarrior

1st Place: 10 gold (Thanksgiving) – Emblem is used for the weekend/party.
2nd Place: 5 gold

AMD-ICBM: Contests - Thanksgiving Emblem Contest – Voting

Time to vote for your favorite Thanksgiving Themed Emblem for the Guild Wars 2 guild.

So vote for which emblem you liked to wear this Thankgiving weekend.

Voting starts November 25, 2013 and will end on November 28, 2013.

Good luck to all the contestants in the emblem contest.

AMD-ICBM: Contests - Halloween Costume Contest – Voting

Time to vote for your favorite Halloween costume.


Best Online Costume (Website category, online contest)

Voting starts November 25,2013 and will end December 1, 2013.

Good luck to all the contestants in the contest.

AMD-ICBM: Emblem Contests - Halloween and Thanksgiving

We have two Emblem contests running on the site right now. One for Halloween and one for Thanksgiving. Be sure to make your emblems for Halloween quickly as the contest ends this week (Nov.9). Emblem contest for Thanksgiving runs longer through the month, ends 3 weeks from  now (Nov.23). So if you want to make [...]

AMD-ICBM: Guild Wars 2 - Halloween Party 2013

We are moving forward with the Halloween Party for Guild Wars 2. The Party Planning Committee began preparing for it in September and would have taken place in October, but due to the The Absence of Administration in October, the final touches and contests associated, could not be completed in the desired time frame. What: [...]

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