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Today the numbers were picked to see who the winners were for the  custom guild events. All those who donated influence or gold towards the Guild Wars 2 guild were eligible to participate in the contest.

The winners of the contest are as follows;

  • Tier 1: 1,000 influence or more/  2 gold or more
  • Prize: 1 custom guild events run by Leohan
  • Number: 71
  • Winner: Maladjus
  • Winner: finebone

  • Tier 2: 5,000 influence or more/  10 gold or more
  • Prize: 2 custom guild events run by Leohan
  • Number: 97
  • Winner: bard

  • Tier 3: 10,000 influence or more/ 20 gold or more
  • Prize: 4 custom guild events run by Leohan
  • Number: 31 (closest without going over)
  • Winner: Bendix-Fust

All winners will be private messaged on the site by Leohan, to let them know of there wins, and to have them select, what guild event they wish to have.

The contest as also been put in the BBS to keep a record of it, found here. It includes a screen shot the /roll being used in the Guild Wars 1 chat system to have the numbers be drawn.

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