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amd-icbm_polls_gw2_logo-2How is everyone enjoying the ArcheAge game so far?

I wish to gather some data in the community to see where everyone is at with playing the game.
If you are lazy, just click an answer on the poll, it will help us.
If you want to put a little extra effort in, let us know in the comments below with some details of your experience/ enjoyment out of the game.
If you wish to continue the conversation privately/ long term, we have a BBS topic on the site for the game, here; 

The game ArcheAge, is it fun to play? (Answer limited to 1 choice)

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  One Response to “AMD-ICBM – Polls: The game ArcheAge, is it fun to play? (Answer limited to 1 choice)”

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  1. I don’t know that I can really comment. I’ve played the actual game for only an hour or so.
    The queue, not the gameplay, is what’s keeping me from giving the game a fair review.

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