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Leah Rivera of Anet explains the new content coming in 4 days.

This system I see will be the down fall of a lot of guilds as people are going to want to experience the new content right away. Now we can let this rush to experience new content destroy what we have built in the game so far, or we can all come together and do our part. Anyone looking to me to solo this responsibility of making sure guild missions are being done on a day to day basis, will not like the out come, as I already run 8  guild events a week.
Asking more of me and what I do, daily here is going to soon break me. I need help, I need more staff, and I need people who want more to step up and do more for others.

Voice Chat and working as a team where everyone contributes to the success of the dungeon, I guess is one benefit I always have with being an event operator, don’t have to experience such things as a bad group. Consider becoming an event operator, it makes playing the game so much more rewarding in every way.
Don’t want to run an event?  Mentioning what you are doing in guild chat and seeing if anyone wants to join, would help get the ball rolling. If you don’t share and play with people in the guild then how will we ever grow together? Without the experienced members taking lesser experienced into areas, you will find there won’t be many people to play with that are left, as you surpass everyone around you.

Counting on my events alone to get people above a requirement to do certain content will yield no results, as I am currently focusing on introducing people to the content and take it nice and slow. I take the time, to explain so people understand the how’s and why’s. It is going to take a ICBM community effort to have everyone reach higher levels of game play.

What I am saying is talking in guild chat or the website, about what you want to do, or like to do or what you are doing,  needs to be done more often. This kind of effort needs to be taken on every ones part, and you’ll soon find that you’ll have more and more people to do high level stuff within the guild.

I mean we are averaging 20-30 people on at one time, I am sure at least one person can do explorable mode of that one dungeon you want to get done.  When I am doing dailies or fighting a boss, or doing an event, I post in chat, if anyone wants to join me, if no one wants to or shows up, so be it.  I am at least giving people a chance to experience something with me and learn along side me. They in turn can teach some one else about the content and how it is done, creating a continuous forward motion to keep things active and exciting, while boosting the numbers of more knowledgeable people.

Guild Wars 1 PvP community had one problem that killed it, to one day find they had no one to play with anymore. PvP was not killed just by Anet, but by the players, the GW community not allowing new people  to learn how to play the arenas with them. The low level ranks could never find a group in the higher level groups and it eventually had no one wanting to play anymore.
This is why it is important to include others in everything you do in game.

The atmosphere that as been part of AMD-ICBM as such been open and inviting to everyone, I just do not want to see these guild missions and the GW2 solo mentality that permeates through the way the game was designed to seep into us as a group of players, friends and family.

The alternative of a silent guild chat in fear we might annoy someone or people not liking what we have to say, is not acceptable. There are many different ways to do something. Being open and trying new things, will make us a better players. It has made me a better person. Learning how everyone else does this or that as taught me so much. I welcome any conversation or advice  one has to offer. Even if I am about to run an event and you want to a dungeon instead, I welcome your contribution to provide others with the opportunity to participate in the dungeon.

In conclusion our greatest asset in this community is you. Not hearing from you or not getting to play with you will only serve to weaken others around you. Stand up and others will stand next to you.

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  1. I’ve only been in the guild a short time but I would like to comment that you do an excellent job of heading the guild. The website and community is fantastic.

    That said, you’re right, this is too big for one person to run alone. You put so much time and effort into making things work it has too be burning you out. I encourage us all to think what we can do to take some of the pressure off you.

    On a lighter not, you do such a good job running things it’s easy to just do what you say! Perhaps that’s the problem for the rest of us.

  2. I totally agree with Finebone!

  3. Never ending circle sometimes, I work hard to keep things moving forward, but may cause people to stop pushing themselves if they see someone doing all the work. However if I stop working, then the affects can be seen, by people being less active, so I then push even harder in the work and the circle completes.

    It’s nice to be appreciated though, as I truly put my life into Assured Mutual Destruction and keep working for the ICBM’s. As long as there is 1 active member, I will continue to work to make sure things are above what is expected.

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