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On September 1st, 2014 the AMD-ICBm services went down at 3am EDT, and did not recover until a full 12 hours later at around 3pm EDT. For such a long outage, wish to explain the situation, of how and why this was caused.

The Internet Service Provider (ISP) used is a 3rd party who gets their last mile to connect to the world from Bell (DSL). There is a silent war going on between these two companies as Bell wants to be a Monopoly, while the government says you need to share the network, we gave money to you, to build it. This of course over the years as had Bell do all sorts of shenanigans towards my ISP, as they have become in their own right a threat and competition. The same goes for Rogers, as they pull stuff on them as well, to get customers pissed off at the competition, acting out because they have to share the cable networks.

So what exactly happened in the past 12 hours to take The entire East Coast of DSL down for the 3rd party companies, who have the gull to provide internet to people at a affordable prices and fair business practices?
Well according to the  the employees trying to get the information out there what was happening and what went down.

ok. Looks like we just got confirmation from Bell that its part of maintenance

Which was complete news to them as earlier on statements of “this is not maintenance” and “we are waking everyone up” which was 3 am in the morning. Having all hands on deck to scramble because your entire business just got taken offline. Needless to say my ISP was getting hammered with phone calls.

Once things were figured out and Bell showed just how much control they really have over the little guy. Bell allowed the network to be turned back on, this just created more problems. As my ISP then started getting hammered with so many re-connections to the router system all at the same time, crashing the system and bringing down entire server stacks.
Further issues arose when figuring out what exactly Bell did to the network to change a few things around, fixing and updating the servers was then required for my ISP.

When all said and done, Bell gave no warning to anyone about this.

Bell upgraded the OS on an MX960 that apparently has three quarters of our links running through it. They did so without notice to us… Setting off these other events.

Bell as acted unprofessionally, they should be investigated for ill intent towards a business partner and competitor. There is no way a business within Canada should have so much money and so much power, that they can not even be bothered to send out an email, to a business partner or customers.

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