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In the previous week there was a post about the Donation Drive to gain more influence for the guild, so we could play Guild Missions together.

AMD-ICBM: Guild Missions and Donation Drive

Contained in this post was a contest/ raffle. Here are the further details on the raffle.


Anyone who donates up to 10,000 influence, 5,000 influence, 1,000 influence or up to 2 gold, 10 gold, 20 gold in the guild bank will be entered into a raffle. This amount can be accumulative over time through out the month, the total of your donations will be added up.

Those who qualify for the raffle will get one number assigned to them and get to pick another number of their choice. That’s right two chances to win the raffle!

At the end of the month, people who qualify will be Private Messaged on the Site and asked to pick a number. On April 1st, everyone who is messaged will have until April 8th 1:00pm CDT to respond and pick their numbers. Failure to reply to the private message through the website will forfeit any qualifications to be eligible to pick an extra number.

If you donate a certain amount of influence you will earn bigger prizes.

Raffle Tiers Winners

1,000 influence or more/  2 gold or more = pick one number

  • 1 custom guild events run by Leohan

5,000 influence or more/  10 gold or more = pick one number 

  • 2 custom guild events run by Leohan

10,000 influence or more/ 20 gold or more = pick one number 

  • 4 custom guild events run by Leohan
What if you donate 20,000 influence or 40 gold, or even triple that? Well you get triple the picks on your numbers. Stack the deck in your favor, with 2 or 3 more chances to win, by donating more.

20,000 influence or more/ 40 gold or more = pick two numbers
30,000 influence or more/ 60 gold or more = pick three numbers
and so on….

Biggest Donator/ Member of the Month

After adding up of everyone’s influence and gold donations at the end of the month of March, the person who is found to be the biggest donator will receive a personalized guild event automatically, ran 4 times, anytime they want, whenever they want by me, Leohan. As well they will be featured on the site as “Member of the Month”, this feature as never been done before.

How the Numbers Will be Rolled?

I will log in Guild Wars 1 and use the /roll emote,  The numbers from 1-100 will be used.  April 8th, 2013 at 7:00pm CDT is when I will be in game to pick the numbers, I will screen shot them and post on the website the winning numbers.

Anyone is welcome to log into Guild Wars and watch me /roll 100 in the guild hall. If the number does not land on anyone’s  assigned or picked number, I will keep rolling until it lands on someones number.

  • The first roll will be for, 1,000 influence or more/  2 gold or more tier
  • The second roll will be for 5,000 influence or more/  10 gold or more tier
  • The third roll will be for the 10,000 influence or more/ 20 gold or more tier
The new tiers were suggested by the guild members, their voices were heard, their contributions and opinions were implemented. 

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  1. I am sending out the messages now, for the raffle. Those who donated influence and gold to the guild in March will be receiving the private messages on the website in the next hour.

    I will message again when done.

  2. All Private messages for those who donated and are now officially part of the raffle have been sent out. Make sure you check your email junk folders, and check the private message system when logged into the site. Remember directly reply within the websites PM system if you qualified to pick extra numbers, in your respective tiers.

    Messaging anywhere else will not count, towards picking extra numbers, they must be received through the PM system on

    If you have not gotten a PM on the website and believe you donated in the month of March please Private message me or use the Contact forms found at the top of the site to get a hold of me about the issue.

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