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Guild Events/ Guild Missions will no longer be done for ICBM’s GW2 guild. Support for the game is going on hiatus until the new year. With the recent, lack of activity in the roster and holidays coming up, we are going to be more relaxed as we regroup to continue the community presence online.

We are NOT disbanding, nor is ICBM not going to be part of the Guild Wars experience. Simply we have lost active members and staff, that made the game so much fun to play. These reasons stem from; having enough, boredom, not liking things or the people here.

I encourage those who still like to play the game, to find other guilds to play with. We hold nothing against anyone, for simply finding people who make the game fun. The guild system allows your account to be in up to 5 guilds. When support for the game begins again with Staff logging in daily, running parties and events once again, the news of this will be sent out.

Recruits into the guild roster will still be accepted. Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2 still accept people into the rosters, but people need to know at this time, activity is very low at this time for these two guilds.
Our Steam guild roster is still very active and our members our having fun playing all sorts of random games with each other.

We will be playing other games casually more and more as well, as part of the Steam guild of ICBM. Join us on voice chat (TeamSpeak3 – TS3), as we hang out daily. Become part of the STEAM roster, by using the “Join a Guild” contact form found at the top of the site.

Assured Mutual Destruction is PC gaming community, and we will continue to be a community.

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