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Our outstanding member on the Guild  Wars 2 roster, being highlighted this month is…




Why Chosen for the Member of the Month

They have been part of our community and Guild Wars 2 guild roster so long,  it as been a long time coming to recognize Tikal as one of our most appreciated members.

Participating: He as taken part in countless guild events and random activities the guild as done.  Always there on the weekends, killing Bounties,  up for the challenge, running through the Rush and always solving the puzzle. The dungeoneer, the dungeon delver, the creeper in arah, the pieces of fracs, these are just some of the weird nick names I just came up with when thinking about how much Tikal does dungeons.

Helping: He lands a hand, when he can. Very helpful to everyone who needs it. In fact, he is helping others run dungeons and doing Arah, while teaching new people, as I write this.

Donations: Its hard to keep track of all the things he as, given the guild in the past, but he was always noticed for doing so. There was quit of few items this time around in the month of August provided by him.

Representing: He showed great loyalty through out the 2 years Tikal as been with the roster list. During the month of August his representation was not as strong. However we felt that, the other 19 months of full representation outweighed this. Despite this, he was still engaged with the guild through other communications.

Promotion: Since Tikal current rank in the GW2 roster is currently “Loyal Member Status”, they will receive a promotion to “Specialist: Special Interests Member”, showing their dedication to others for ICBM and that  MotM was earned.


For these reason, we thank you. For being  a part of the guild roster of [ICBM] within Guild Wars 2 and the community of  Assured Mutual Destruction.





  • Q: When did you join the community?  

A:   I joined a little under two years ago.


  • Q: Why did you decide to give [ICBM] a chance to be a part of your gaming experience?

A: N/A


  • Q: Which games do you play with the other community members?

A: I play Robocraft, Guild Wars 2 and I am hoping to play Archeage with the guild community as well.


  • Q: What have you achieved or aimed to achieve with the community’s support?

A: With the help of the community I have made Bolt as well as The Juggernaut.


  • Q: Why do you stay with the guild? What makes [ICBM] better than other guilds, which keeps you wanting to continue to be an active member?

A: I stay with ICBM because the members of the community are some of the nicest people I know and I seem to fit in pretty well.


  • Q: How do you see the guild/ community evolving over time?  

A:  I think that the community branching out to other games like ArcheAge is going to really have a big impact on the people in the community both new community members as well as veterans of the community.


  • Q: What are some heroic moments in Guild Wars 2 can you share with us?  

A:  RPing before the megaserver was introduced was quite fun and heroic at some times.


  • Q: Tell us about your biggest triumph in Guild Wars 2.

A: n/a


  • Q: Tell us about your most embarrassing moment in Guild Wars 2.

A: n/a


  • Q: Tell us about the funniest thing you’ve seen someone do in Guild Wars 2.

A:  I would want more content, the more things people can do the more people will come to the game.


  • Q: If you could change one thing about Guild Wars 2, what would it be?

A: n/a


  • Q: If you could change one thing about the community [ICBM], what would it be?

A:  I would not change a thing about our awesome community.  


  • Q: If there is anything else you would like to add or say for the interview?

A: n/a



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How do you become Member of the Month?

To become member of the month for October, simply participate in guild events, donate, talk in chat, let people know what is going on in the game. “hey, dragon event is active”. Is a very simple thing to do and we the leadership of the Guild Wars 2 guild do pay attention to all these kinds of things. Oh and don’t forget to represent the guild within the game.

What do you get for, becoming member of the month besides helping have an active and fun guild to play with, while being featured on the website as the most appreciated member on the roster?

Well… what about 2 customized guild events within Guild Wars 2 of your choice? You pick the times and days and Leohan the guild leader, will do all the hard work to make it happen, all you have to do is show up to the event.

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  1. Congratulations Tikal!

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