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AMD-ICBM: Guild Wars 2 – Guild Vault


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The Guild Wars 2 – Guild Vault is a collective effort to pool resources together to provide AMD-ICBM members with items that maybe needed.

As a guild member on the roster list you may select any item you wish from the Guild Vault.

The vault is separated into three sections, this is how we are currently using these sections.

  • Guild Stash – Is the place where members deposit all items to donate towards the guild.
  • Treasure Trove – This is where bankers place tier 1 items or inexpensive items.
  • Deep Cave – This is where bankers place tier 2 items or expensive items worth 1 gold or more.

Locations/ Where is the Guild Bank?

Log into the game, go to Lion’s Arch use the Trader’s Forum Waypoint to get to Trader’s Forum is a section of Lion’s Arch. Head for the three icons () to the East known as the Account Bank Vault NPC’s (CuinaDrifaLizette), the guild bank NPC named Tricha is there near them.

After you talk to Tricha (NPC), you will get the Guild Vault window to display (pop up) on your screen. Now you will be able to see all 3 sections and the items we currently have.

How to Deposit/ Donate

If you wish to donate any items please use the Guild Stash section to deposit your items. Which is the first section with 50 available slots to use.

After a donation is made a banker will assess the items value and place it in the appropriate Tier 1 or Tier 2 sections of the bank.

Any donation made in the guild bank is recorded within the game automatically in a log history and is screen shoted periodically. This information is then processed, making sure you get points towards earning higher ranks within the guild.

  • Place donated items in Guild Stash only.

How to Withdraw

After you seen the items you want how to you get them?

To purchase an item from the guild vault, please use the in game mail within the game of Guild Wars 2 with the subject line “Guild Vault” or “Guild Bank”, something along those lines.

In Game Mail anyone with a Guild Wars 2 banker job. All staff members and directory of said staff can be found at the bottom the site. Simply click on the Banker category under Guild Wars 2 to see who is currently on the staff for bank operations. A special rank within the game on the roster list (guild panel) for everyone to easily see the NCO’s with a banker job is also available.

After you sent your in game mail with your requested items listed to a corresponding banker, within 1-5 days you should receive a reply back with the amount of gold you needed to purchase those items. Once you give said amount to the banker through in game mail, the banker then will mail the items eligible for the amount of gold received from descending order of your list.
You may speed up this process by sending the gold with your request list at the same time.

You are not eligible to receive items if  you are not on the roster list within Guild Wars 2.

  • In-Game Mail a Banker with your list.
  • Banker will calculate base prices and your discount of the items.
  • Banker then will send the request for the amount of gold needed to purchase items.
  • Once you send the Banker the gold, the Banker in turn will mail your items.

Perks and Percentages off items

The current set discounts for all Guild Wars 2 guild members currently on the roster list within the game are as follows.

  • Members – 10%
  • Non-Commissioned Officers (NCO) – 20%
  • Officers – 25%

Please see the ranks section for details of all ranks and categories within.

The percentages off these items are based on a set price within the Black Lion Trading Company:  Trading Post (Auction House). These set prices are called “base price” by us, the standards for Guild Wars 2 is what ever the current “Sell” price is at the time of the requested purchase is processed by the banker.

Prices in auction house fluctuate, we AMD-ICBM and its bankers can not guarantee the set base prices will be calculated for discounts at the exact same time mail was received of the requested items.


100  = 1
100 =
= 100  = 10,000 

Replacing Items / Concept

When a member spends gold to buy from the Guild Vault they are not only getting the item at a discount from normal players, but also helping contribute to replacing the item for the next member who may also want the item in the near future.



  • All donations of items once deposited into the guild vault within the game are officially Assured Mutual Destruction property. You may not reclaim previous items that were given to the guild vault.
    • Exception: If you accidentally placed an item within the guild vault slot, you have 24 hours of the incident to report the mistake via “Guild Vault – Report” contact form.
  • Prices in auction house fluctuate, we AMD-ICBM and its bankers can not guarantee the set base prices will be calculated for discounts at the exact same time mail was received of the requested items.

Banker Violations

We the leadership and bankers are held to strict set of rules and guidelines to ensure abuse of this  feature of the game is not exploited for personal use.  If you feel a violation was made by a banker, you can also use the ”Guild Vault – Report” contact form to report miss deeds as well.

Examples of Violations

  • Not receiving the items requested within 5 days of sending the mail.
  • Did not receive full discount that were eligible for at the time of the request.



Photo example of what the Guild Vault looks like.

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