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On August 31st, 2013 we will be holding a party to celebrate 6 years of being a community.These are not your regular guild events we do weekly. This is a celebration of still being here and thanking everyone who chose to be here.  These party events are customized and silly that give you prizes just for participating, while giving out greater prizes for winning them. That’s right win in game items all day long, get rich and have weird fun at the same time.

We officially start the party at 2:00pm/ 12pm server, but we will be having trivia and dungeon runs in the early after noon at 12:0pm CDT. To get things warmed up. That’s right for 12 hours we will be hosting activities for everyone to do.

Our guild party events include Naked Mile, Mini Games, Hide and Seek, Trivia, Simon Says, Free Fall onto Target, Karma Booster, Official Emblem Announcement and a Guild Screenshot.

Hope to see you there and thank you for being a part of the community.


Start time:  2:00pm  CDT/ 12pm server
End time: 11:oopm CDT / 9pm server


Saturday 31 12:00 pm 1:00 pm 2:00 pm 3:00 pm 4:00 pm 7:00 pm

 Vote for the Official Guild Emblem

AMD-ICBM: 6th Anniversary – Emblem Contest Contestants & Poll

Event Details

Naked Mile

    • Run naked without armor from one point to another, in race legs.
    • For each leg of the race, the participants time will be recorded. The shortest cumulative time wins first prize. There will be additional prizes for second and third, as well as prizes for everyone who participates.
    • Participants will organize into parties together.



  • No Back pieces, weapons or armor. Rings and Trinkets allowed.
  • Using waypoints will disqualify you from the race.


  • 1st: Heavy containers – Random Items
  • 2nd: Large containers – Random Items
  • 3rd: Medium containers – Random Items
  • Participation: Light containers – Random Items


Mini Games (Anet’s daily)

  • This involves doing the daily mini game in Lion’s Arch.
  • Will go to Lion’s Arch to the NPC and wait to sync up to get in the same match.


  • There are no rules, just have fun.


  • 1st: Heavy containers – Random Items
  • 2nd: Large containers – Random Items
  • Participation: Light containers – Random Items

Hide and Seek

  • This will entail a player (operator or helper) hiding on a part of the map.
  • Everyone can see the location in guild chat so, players will have to look for the hider somewhere example (Iron Marches then Lonar’s Pass ect…) for each round.
  • There will be prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd of those who find the hider first. Anyone with the same location as the hider in guild chat at the time will receive participation marks and a minor prize.
  • Announcing the event over guild chat to give people a 5 minutes heads up for each round. Will be asking for everyone to stay out of the map until the single is set to go.


  • The Seeker must call out the Hider in chat in receive credit (example: “Found you Leo!”)
  • The Seeker must stay at the Hiders location until confirmation of their find.
  • The Hider may not move from their location, once the seeking begins.
  • Participates and players may not share the Hider’s location with others. After the game/round is over then talking about it is allowed.
  • Seekers using way points is allowed.


  • 1st: Heavy containers – Random Items – Mini Pet
  • 2nd: Large containers – Random Items (Typo was made – Second place does not get a mini pet)
  • 3rd: Medium containers – Random Items
  • Participation: Light containers – Random Items


Simon Says/ Mime (Emotes)

  • Operator as the list of emotes and uses them. Using the words “Simon Says or not” depending the reactions people will win.
  • This will NOT be an elimination if someone gets an emote wrong. We want people feeling apart o the game at all time.
  • When “Simon Says” and the 1st, 2nd, 3rd people in the in game messages with chat get the correct emote they will be marked for doing so. If “Simon” does not saying anything if people use the emote or not nothing happens. Prizes are only given out when Simon Says says to do it.
  • Prizes will be given out after the game. Players will be written down who won, along with participation. As to keep the game flowing.
  • Participation in this game is credited once only, not every round.
  • This event will be near Lion’s Arch, as everyone can get there easily through Heart of the Mists or event in heart of the mists.


  • Players must be in front of Simon too participate and recieve credit for winning the prizes.


  • 1st: Heavy containers – Random Items
  • 2nd: Large containers – Random Items
  • 3rd: Medium containers – Random Items
  • Participation: Light containers – Random Items

Free Fall onto Target

  • The operator jumps off from a high point on the map and lands down below. He is now the target everyone is trying to land on top off them to win.
  • The Locations will first be the diving board in Lion’s Arch, the operator will land on the rocks, three possible locations to die on. The 2nd location will be at Mount Maelstrom south of the Ashen Waypoint.
  • The participation prize will be 5 silver to cover the cost of the waypoint.
  • If a close tie happens use best judgement to see who is more accurate on the landing. If it is to close, a 1 vs 1 fall will be done for 2nd try.
  • Toys like the balloons or kites higly reccomend to break your fall damage. Known fact a small balloon is the difference between life and death.


  • Players must wait at the top until the operator (target) gives the green light.


  • 1st: 3 gold – Heavy Containers – Random Items – Aviator Glasses or Cap
  • 2nd: 2 gold – Large Containers – Random Items
  • 3rd: 1 gold – Medium Containers – Random Items
  • Participation: 5 silver – Random Items


Trivia (in guild Chat)

  • Trivia will be in the guild chat as a spacer in between the events to fill up time as the next event is being set up.
  • The trivia will be made up of Guild Wars, Movie and Music questions.
  • The operator will ask the question in the form of “Trivia: When was the movie Matrix released in theaters?”
  • The participants will then answer by whispering the questionaire. When someone gives the correct answer, the questionaire will announce the winners name and what the answer was in guild chat.


  • Answers must be whispered the the questionaire to win the prize.
  • Using wiki/ google is allowed.


  • Corret Answer: Supply Bags

Karma Booster (Modifier)

We will be doing karma booster event all through out the week every other day, until the September 3rd update. This game update will make Karma consumables no longer work with bonus modifiers.
So save up all your Kegs and Drips and join us for one last hurrah before Anet takes away our fun.


Official Emblem Announcement

  • This event is to let members know of the winner of the screenshot contest.
  • This will be done before the Guild Screenshot.
  • A Congratulatory celebration of the winner will take place.
  • Other Participants  of 3rd and 2nd place, will be announced as well, before the winner is.
  • Prizes will be handed out in the mail system at the time.
Can vote for the what the official guild emblem will be right here;
AMD-ICBM: 6th Anniversary – Emblem Contest Contestants & Poll

Guild Screenshot

  • Will take a giant group photo or try to through out the day.
  • There will be one scheduled for around 9PM CDT /7pm server
  • Orange Dye will be handed out.
  • The new official guild emblem will be announced before the screen shot is taken to have the new emblem shown off.


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