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(Editor’s Note: This is a guild event to watch movies together at the same time.)


Hello fellow Guildies, i’ve finally worked out 90 percent of the kinks in my movie streaming setup and I feel I’m ready to launch this puppy!

So Welcome to our first movie night. What is movie night you ask? We’ll it’s simple… It’s simply a time where a movie will be steamed and if you should choose to watch said movie then so be it!

Now what’s included in movie night? good question… The movie.
Thats it BYOP (Bring your own popcorn)

How do attend? Well first you need some type of software that has the capability to steam the movie. For this i’ve chosen VLC Media Player (any software that can connect to an HTTP steam will work however)
If you do not have VLC click on the link below to download your copy.

If you’re using a Mac click below
Apple products

After your install is complete below is quick video showing how to connect to the steam.

The movie playing will be “How to train your Dragon 2″


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  1. huh, I just noticed this. How did it go?

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