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When: Back to Calendar 08/11/2014 @ 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm
Repeats: Weekly on Saturday until 07/12/2014
Where: Guild Wars 2
Contact: Leohan
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Guild Missions run once again by the dark overlord.

When: November 8th – 29th, 2014

Time: 7:30 pm CDT – 9:00pm CST

Location Local time Time zone UTC offset
Anchorage (U.S.A. – Alaska) Saturday – 5:30 PM AKST UTC-9 hours
Vancouver (Canada – British Columbia) Saturday - 6:30 PM PST UTC-8 hours
Calgary(Canada – Alberta) Saturday - 7:30 PM MST UTC-7 hours
Winnipeg (Canada – Manitoba) Saturday - 8:30 PM CST UTC-6 hours
Toronto (Canada – Ontario) Saturday - 9:30 PM EST UTC-5 hours
Montreal (Canada – Quebec) Saturday - 9:30 PM EST UTC-5 hours
Saint John (Canada – New Brunswick) Saturday - 10:30 PM AST UTC-4 hours
Corresponding UTC (GMT) Sunday –  02:30 AM  GMT


Guild missions are a type of mission exclusive to guilds. The missions reward guild merits, a form of currency, except for the Guild Bounty Training which rewards influence points instead.


Each guild mission type has certain criteria for completion. Guild Bounty requires that all the bounties are found and defeated within a certain time period, whereas Guild Rush requires that a certain number of guild members successfully complete the rush within the time provided.

Personal rewards

Players who help complete a mission while representing the guild which has that mission active will receive the following rewards (you do not have to represent the guild who activated the mission as long as the guild you are representing has that mission currently active through the guild UI).

These personal rewards can only be earned once per account per week, per type of guild mission. This leads to a maximum of 4 personal rewards per week (one each from Guild Bounties, Guild Rushes, Guild Challenges and Guild Puzzles). It is not possible to obtain more rewards by repeating missions while representing a different guild.

Guild rewards

Guilds which successfully complete a mission will receive Guild Merits or Influence, depending on the type of mission completed. Merit rewards are limited to once per week per mission type, based on the highest tier of that mission type the guild completes within the week. The influence reward from Guild Bounty Training missions is awarded on every completion.

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