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※ Last Updated: March 25, 2014 ※

Assured Mutual Destruction – Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (AMD-ICBM)

We welcome anyone into our ranks who share the love of playing and talking about video games. We believe in fair play, equal opportunity and helping each other achieve our goals. A community of gamers, friends and family is what we  continuously strive to be, maintained with care since 2007.


Quick Reference/ Short Summary:



We have had a Steam Group since 2009.

As of February 22, 2014 Assured Mutual Destruction is giving official support and assets in the PC program known as Steam.

The Steam guild is getting the full support of the community infrastructure, just like our Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2 guilds. With News Articles,  Bulletin Board SystemGuild Chat/GroupsStaff ForumCalendar and Voice Chat.

The purpose of this guild is to play any game you wish, with the friends you have made within our community. As well as to have a safe and secure place to make new friends. Currently there will be no games or servers officially supported by the administration of amd-icbm. There will be guild events set on the calendar on our website, when staff are going to play a game, with a set time and day.  The Steam guild is driven by your interest: we play the games you want to play, together.

All rules and members conduct apply while part of the guild of Steam. No matter who you are playing with, tagged up or not. When part of the Steam guild and playing games. Assured Mutual Destruction’s code of conduct, applies to all members of the roster.



How to Join the Steam Guild Roster

1. Register an Account

First, you need to be part of the community at If you are already member of the community can skip to step 2.
If you do not have an account at our community’s website can create an account here.

Why do you need to be a part of just to be part of a steam group? Assured Mutual Destruction is a community. We use the website as the central platform to branch out to other places on the internet. By using the website we keep well organized, and can communicate with anyone no matter what guild roster they are with. It allows for members to talk and see what is going on, access to private information is available to everyone. Receiving notifications and newsletters vial email is another vital aspect of keeping everyone informed.
Registering to the site and having an account also gives you access to the Join a Guild contact form, to be part of any of the guilds you wish.

 2 .Contact Form

To join the Steam guild roster use the contact form found at the top of the site, Join a Guild.
Once at the contact form “Pick a Guild Roster to Join: *“,  select “Steam“.

Required Fields

  • Name and Email Address  – Should auto fill the fields when logged into your account.  If they do not gives us name and the email you wish to be contacted.
  • Subject - Choose a subject, example; “Wish to Join Steam guild”
  • How long have you been playing for? - This allows us to get a feel for your experience with the game or program.
  • What is your favorite thing to do in game? - This allows us to know what your interested in.
  • What are you currently working on, towards progressing through the game/ or what are your goals? - Knowing what your current goals, helps to know how best to assit you in achieving  them.
  • Rules & Conduct - Check box, to show your in a agreement.
  • Community Website Requirement - Checkbox, to show your in agreement.
  • Which character name/ display name/ profile name/ battle tag, do you want to entered into the invitees list within your chosen game.
    • Steam: Use your current “Profile Name” . The display name is set on your Community Profile or Settings – Friends section within Steam options. Example; “AnonyMous”.

A representative of the community staff of, should get your account set up and be in contact with you, within 24-48 hours. A private message via the site of on your account, will be sent notifying you when the work is done and you are all set up on the roster.

How to Join the Staff for the Steam Guild

The guild will be supported by staff members. We are looking for those individuals that will help support the Steam guild be better then it is.

The current departments we have for positions to be filled are as fellows.

  • Guild Officer  - A Guild Officer is for people who wish to help the guild within and outside of the game. Moderating chat, listening to members, and helping the guild leader is just some things a guild officer does.
  • Director/ Department Head of Staff - This person keeps track of the other people in the department of their respectable jobs. Receiving assignments and also making some up for the members of the department.
  • Contest Operators - Run contests on the forums or in game for other guild members to win items. Prizes can come from you or the community bank.
  • Event Operators - Event Runners are the hosts/hostess’s of our community They greet you and bring you to the location and lead you through the event.
  • Helpers - Assist people with numerous things.
  • Photographers / Screen Shot Takers - This person takes screen shots. Keeping a visual record of the Guild/
  • Recruiting & Marketing - This position requires recruiting and an officership position. This job is all about getting us more members! We are currently trying to build up our guild / alliance till we are full!

What do you get out of being a Staff member? Helping others, affecting change and decisions. Full Access to the Staff Forum and its departments.

Join the Staff Contact Form

The contact form is where you let us know, how and where you would like to help make us better.

Be sure to fill out the required fields. After contact form is sent, a representative of the community staff of, should back to you and be in contact, within 24-48 hours. A private message via the site of on your account, will be sent notifying to set up an interview time. If you don’t currently have an account with the reply will be sent via the email provided in the contact form.

Required Fields

  • Organization / Guild to Contact:
  • Name:
  • Email Address:
  • Subject:
  • Message:
  • Select a Department:
  • About You:
  • Strengths and Competencies:
  • Experiences:

Current Staff Members of Steam


  • Head Community Leader - Leohan
    • Leohan is in charge of supporting the staff with anything they need to keep the guild functioning and happy.
  • Guild Leader - Zubon
    • Zubon is the man in charge of the guild, he administrates and deals with all aspects of the Steam Guild. Anything to do with Steam, he is the person you should talk to. He makes sure applications to the roster and staff get done. That members are happy and staff are doing their tasks.
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