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Our foundation is based on the Casual Gaming lifestyle. Low requirements, humorous, positive attitudes, and very laid back game play. While we are typically overlooked by many in the games we play, we have maintained strength, loyalty and friendship, by leading by example, giving everyone a fair chance to enjoy playing by our side. We do not hold grudges, do not isolate ourselves, do not force people to play a certain way. We simply provide an organized front for everyone in the family and out to enjoy playing by our side.

Membership is run just like a family. There might come a day when a member may move on, but if they decide that they would like to come back to our doors they are always open to them so long as they have not violated our rules of conduct.  Members may not attack another member, verbally, physically, or in any other way. Doing so will lead to dismissal  from the guild roster lists and community. The most important thing you will learn being around us is, If you aren’t having fun, don’t do it. Having fun and building friendships is our focus.

Assured Mutual Destruction is relaxed in approach and we allow our members the freedom to play how they want, when they want, as long as they want. We do not require attendance, or have quotas. We allow our members to try other guilds if they so desire and treat them as family even still. AMD-ICBM is not about what tag is above a characters head. It is about showing people a good time, making friends and memories. Even if that means that a person joins another guild in game. Player satisfaction is the single most important goal.

As long as a member abides by our code of conduct, inside or out of our family we allow them to join and leave as often as they like and even allow them to use our websites participation and leadership system or others assets.


Focused on Community not Exclusivity

Assured Mutual Destruction is focused on community building and does not run “Guild Only” events. Our event’s are public and open to all in the games we play and on the servers we support. Those who choose to lead dungeon’s and raids are encouraged to bring outside members of the community. We assist in teaching other guilds how to overcome obstacles and even help them complete quests of their own. Our goal is not to be the biggest most terrifying group of elitists on the server. It is to be the community that goes that extra step trying to make new members feel welcomed. To have others feel that they stand out above the crowd is our end game.


In Game Events, Online Events and Hosted Events

The events serve as an introduction to our family. Our recruitment method is one of action, not of words. We let people experience what we do and if they decide they want more information they approach us for more information.

Various events for different types of players are hosted on a weekly basis. For casuals we hold large scale open world events which give all players a chance to see the world and experience game content without having to worry about gear, level or skill. For dungeons, we have several groups that bring members along with them. It is encouraged highly among our leaders to include outsiders or randoms in all that we do.

If your on the fence about joining Assured Mutual Destruction we highly recommend you check out the calendar and make time to attend one of our many events. Your welcome to join regardless of your guild affiliation.

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